This UNO game is intense / u should B Here / Vlada Lounge 3215 NE 2nd Ave …. $5 Cova / Game Nite with DJ SPAZ

GAME NIGHT is cleary needed in Miami / folk are havin a Good Time and @spazoner is keepin the vibez rite

HAVE U EVER SEEN LOVE HAPPEN : SEEN the participants willingness to relish in it even though the BULLSHIT won’t let them B together the way they want to B

GAME DAY SUNDAY : SPADES : SCRABBLE : UNO : CONNECT FOUR & MORE : Tomorro Nite 10p MUSIC by DJ SPAZ @ VLADA 3215 NE 2nd Ave $5 Cova $5 Drinks


Damn 6 Patron shots and I’m still sober / I’m a problem


MY DEAL BREAKERS may seem silly to you but none the less they are MY DEAL BREAKERS ////

IF I DIED TODAY is there something about our friendship/relationship that you would have changed if u had more time

THE OLDER I GET THE MORE DUMB SHIT PISSES ME OFF / Is it really so hard for people to ACT RIGHT / I’m gonna start wearing a belt