When the mainstream music industry thinks of South Florida they do not think about Soul Music & Poetry. Radio does not play it and artists do not support the scene here. It’s interesting to see the local mainstream folk posting about the lack of community in the scene. I wonder if they realize that the Greatness they talk about in Atlanta is possible here if they just set out of their box. One thing I know about Atlanta is they do it all. If there is a stage to perform on they are in the building. The singers, lyricists, and comics know that they can work out at the Poetry Spots and get loved on. The Poets go to live music events for inspiration. The actors and people filming in The A attend various events and they all work together in some capacity. The BLACK ARTS community is an actual community in Atlanta, that’s why people move there. Goodie Mob, Outkast, and the Dungeon Family are a perfect example of diversity.

From the artwork on the album covers to the Poetic interludes, everyone is included. They are Hip Hop they are Poetry, they are fashion, they are film they are SOUTHERN for real and some are “from the hood” but yet they have an appreciation for the arts in a way that most would not expect.

South Florida is segmented by Race and by Culture. We are a TOSSED Salad, we have never been a melting pot. We have all the ingredients needed but no one wants to leave their corners to explore. This goes for the Poets, Singers & Musicians as well.

I pride myself on having been a part of everything. Maybe not NOW but when I was young, I did it all, I attended it all and I appreciated it all. I wish we would take advantage of what we have here and explore it in a way that could bring us all together to create the “SCENE” that everyone is longing for.

Shouts out to all the Mainstream folk who rock with the Poets, who use local Musicians and Singers for sessions, who find our amazing Visual Artists and utilize them for projects. Much LOVE to the media outlets that actually support the underground scene.

I PRAY the new year brings us all together so people can stop MOVING out of state to get the LOVE that they should B getting. We should B able to start “from the BOTTOM” and get to to TOP from here.

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