Where do I start 

Have we seen this story before? 

Do we know these characters already? 

Have we felt the pain and seen the white tears? 

Have we watched the scenes of white actors depicting the evil that is to some, inherent in their “race”? YES WE HAVE

We have also felt the pain of a black woman wailing after being hurt by the loss of (wait I can’t tell you that part )

Some will say the storyline is redundant, I say that as long as you have a Visceral reaction to TAMIKA LAWRENCE as she sings, then it is necessary and we all need to continue to be reminded that HATE exists and that LOVE is the only way.

BLACK NO MORE is a comedy of sorts because we all know that BLACK WILL ALWAYS B. It is a story set in the past told in the now with a warning for the future.

From the opening scene, the cast demands your attention and forces you to acknowledge every move being made on the stage. We think we are here to talk about Race as we SEE it but we are really discussing Race as we B it. How we live and how we Love is what I left thinking about. 

By the end, you will see how powerless the powerful truly are.  Their grip on society is weakening and all attempts to maintain are futile. 

#BlackNoMore addresses an age-old problem. 

The problem is that the Powerful do not yet know their power. They do not see their ability to LOVE & B LOVED as the answer to it all.  Self Love has always been the solution and will always B.  Only then will we reach the day when subjugation is impossible 

If you are in the NYC area or you are looking for an excuse to B – then make plans to go see #BLACKNOMORE

There is only so much I can say without giving it away but I promise you it is #BSIDEAPPROVED

Congratulations @BlackThought you sir make us LOOK GOOD. 



@browardarts @lyrictheatermia 

@nwsymphony @browardcenter

#nyc #42ndst #offbroadway #theater #racerelations #harlemrenaissance #gentrification #vitiligo #colorism

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