Soulcialites the 1st quarter is officially over this Wednesday.  Can you believe we are almost in Taurus season? I know I know, you have been looking forward to my Birthday season since the last one. (lolololol) 

Ok I’m just serious. As we enter this second quarter if 2022 I challenge you to DO ALL THE THINGS. Make sure you are living your FULLEST life. It is really time to embrace the YOLO way of life. As long as it’s legal and doesn’t hurt anyone DO IT. Make it happen.  

YES I know gas is expensive and life is coming at us at warped speed but that just means it’s time to plan. Car Pool It, Budget It, Barter It, FIGURE IT out because DOING IT Later is not guaranteed.

I hope you can make it out this Wednesday for our Open Mic Party.  I will B announcing Birthday celebrations but first we will have dope features for National Poetry Month In APRIL and then of course we kick off the B Side Summer Of Soul again in May.  

See You On The B Side.

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